madrid international film festival

Madrid International Film Festival Nominations

A Good Dream will be screened in Madrid on Saturday, July 15, at 9am at NOVOTEL MADRID CENTER (C/.O'Donnell, 53 28009 Madrid). 

In the meantime, the nominations are in! A Good Dream received the following nominations:

Best Lead Actress - Melany Bennett

Best Visual Effects or Design - Jesse Newman

Best Animation or Animated Sequence

Talented New Filmmaker -Mahum Jamal

The screening is free and we hope to see you there! 

The Madrid International Film Festival

A Good Dream was just accepted into the festival programming for the Madrid International Film Festival 2017. 

For over six years, the Madrid International Film festival has been considered one of the most distinguished film festivals in Europe. The festival attracts a wealth of talent from around the world, and A Good Dream is honored to be included.

A Good Dream will be be shown at the festival on July 15, 2017.