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A Good Dream at Long Beach Indie International Film, Media + Music Festival

The stars came out for the Long Beach Indie Film Festival on Saturday, and A Good Dream took home the prize for Best Narrative Feature (Action/Sci-Fi/Thriller).

Stars of A Good Dream, Melany Bennett (Loco Love), Victoria Atkin (Assassin's Creed), and Karim Saleh (Iron Man 2) were all on the red carpet with film director, Mahum Jamal. 





Underground Buzz

With over 150K trailer views on Facebook and YouTube, the buzz is mounting for A Good Dream, 25-year old San Francisco-based writer, director, and producer Mahum Jamal’s first feature film. As a Millennial herself, it's no wonder she is connecting with young fans and the press is starting to notice.

A Good Dream stars Melany Bennett, Karim Saleh, and Victoria Atkin, with a cameo by NYC nightlife personality, Kayvon Zand, and features an original score by Cyril Hahn with contributions by the club DJ duo Dandi & Ugo.

It's an art house psychological thriller that tells the story of a girl in her 20s trying to find herself in NYC. “The ‘existential crisis’ has more significance in our world today than ever before. Young adults discovering themselves have more reference points and exposure, making the process of reaching adulthood ever more complex,” says director Jamal.

The audience will also see themselves reflected in the diverse cast. Part Swiss, part Mexican, Melany Bennett, from Loco Love is joined by Karim Saleh, Lebanese-French, from Iron Man 2, and British actress Victoria Atkin from Assassin’s Creed. In this surreal journey, Melany, becomes Uma, a daring, lonely female poet who dives deep into her mind’s world and the audience joins her in unraveling the imaginary from reality. It’s a coming of age story true to the new millennium.

Young audiences eager to see the film have already weighed in: “Omg I’m in love.” “This looks kool to watch.” “Just amazing!”




Berlin International Film Festival

The Berling International Film Festival nominated A Good Dream in several categories:

Best Feature Film - Mahum Jamal & Nikolai Metin & Alena Svyatova

Best Cinematography in a Feature Film - Oren Soffer 

Best Editing of a Feature Film - Mahum Jamal & Nikolai Metin 

Best Original Screenplay of a Feature Film - Mahum Jamal

Best Visual Effects or Design - Jesse Newman 

Fingers crossed!